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Ginsparg, Paul. (2000). "Creating a Global Knowledge Network: Don't Just Clone the Paper Methodology." [Comunicación]. Freedom of Information Conference, Julio2000, ():.
URL: http://www.biomedcentral.com/meetings/2000/foi/editorials/ginsparg      
Materias:  Comunicación científica en el web 

"How should our scientific research communications infrastructure be reconfigured to take maximal advantage of newly evolving electronic resources? Rather than "electronic publishing," which connotes a rather straightforward cloning of the paper methodology to the electronic network, many researchers would prefer to see the new technology lead to some form of global "knowledge network," and sooner rather than later."

Langer, James. (2000). "Physicists in the new era of electronic publishing." [Artículo]. Physics Today Online, 2000, 53(8):35.
URL: http://www.aip.org/pt/vol-53/iss-8/p35.html      
Materias:  Comunicación científica en el web 

"New electronic opportunities for scientific communication, and changes in how scientists use journals, are prompting a complete reevaluation of the roles of scientific journals and of scholarly societies like the APS."

Brown, Cecelia. (2000). "The Evolution of Preprints in the Scholarly Communication of Physicists and Astronomers." [Artículo]. JASIS (Journal of the American Society for Information Science), Noviembre2000, 52(3):187-200.
URL: http://www.asis.org/Publications/JASIS/vol52n3.html      
Materias:  Comunicación científica en el web 

"Eprints (electronic pre-prints) are analyzed as shown by the policies and practices of 37 top tier physics journals, and by citation trends in ISI's SciSearch database and Journal Citation Reports. Citations to the 37 journals and their impact factors remain constant over the period. Eprint citations appear to peak about 3 years after appearance as do citations to published papers. Contribution to the archives, and their use as measured by citation, is clearly growing. Citation form and publishing policy varies from journal to journal."

Duranceau, E. & Harnad, S. (1999). "Electronic Journal Forum: Resetting Our Intuition Pumps for the Online-Only Era: A Conversation With Stevan Harnad." [Artículo]. Serials Review, 1999, 25(1):109-115.
URL: http://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/~harnad/Papers/Harnad/harnad99.ejforum.html      
Materias:  Comunicación científica en el web 

"Stevan Harnad, Professor of Cognitive Science at the University of Southampton, has been--and continues to be--a visionary regarding digital publication of scholarly journals. In a wide-ranging discussion, we explored how his ideas about an electronic-only model of scholarly publication have evolved in the half-decade since he first elaborated them, including such topics as costs, archiving, preservation, and the role of commercial publishers. Near the end of the exchange, Harnad refers to the need for "demonstrations, evangelism, polemics and subversion" to drive forward the changes he sees as "the optimal and the inevitable for scholars and scholarship;" here, he provides some of all four of these. Since Harnad is the best articulator of his own vision, I will provide his responses as they appeared in the interview, rather than digest them:"

Relman, A. (1999). "The NIH "PubMed Central" Proposal: A Potential Threat to the Evaluation and Orderly Dissemination of New Clinical Studies." [Artículo]. New England Journal of Medicine, 1999, 340():1828-29.
URL: http://content.nejm.org/cgi/content/short/340/23/1828      
Materias:  Comunicación científica en el web 

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