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Eugene Garfield
Recopilación de artículos de este destacado autor norteamericano sobre la información y comunicación científicas.
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Stegmann, Johannes (1999). "Why not use Journal Impact Factors?" [Artículo]. EAHIL Newsletter, Mayo1999, (47):.
URL: http://www.eahil.org/newsletter/47/impact.htm      
Materias:  Análisis de citas   |  Eugene Garfield 

"The "bibliometric crisis" mentioned in a feature article published recently in the EAHIL newsletter is analyzed further with respect to the negative image of impact factors. The potential of bibliometric analysis beyond impact factors is noted. A variation of journal impact factors, based on wider time windows, and the construction of impact factors for journals not listed in the Journal Citation Reports is commentated."

Garfield, Eugene (1998). "The Multiple Meanings of Impact Factors" [Carta al editor]. Journal of the American Society For Information Science (JASIS), 1998, 49(8):768.
URL: http://www.garfield.library.upenn.edu/papers/multiple_meanings_impfactor.html      
Materias:  Análisis de citas   |  Eugene Garfield 

Garfield, Eugene (1998). "Speech presented on receiving an Honorary Degree from Far Eastern University and Honorary Membership in the Russian Academy of Sciences" [Discurso]. Vestnick, 1998, (2):70-74.
URL: http://www.garfield.library.upenn.edu/papers/russia_acceptance.html      
Materias:  Análisis de citas   |  Eugene Garfield 

   Garfield, Eugene (1998). "Mapping the World of Science" [Comunicación]. 150th Anniversary Meeting of the AAAS, Philadelphia, February 14, 1998, Febrero1998, ():1-19.
URL: http://www.garfield.library.upenn.edu/papers/mapsciworld.html      
Materias:  Análisis de citas   |  Eugene Garfield 

Garfield, Eugene (1998). "From Citation Indexes to Informetrics: Is the tail wagging the dog?" [Artículo]. Libri, Junio1998, 48(2):67-80.

Materias:  Análisis de citas   |  Eugene Garfield 

"This article provides a synoptic review and history of citation indexes and their evolution into research evaluation tools including a discussion of the use of bibliometric data for evaluating U.S. institutions (academic departments) by the National Research Council (NRC). The review covers the origin and uses of journal impact factors, validation studies of citation analysis, information retrieval and dissemination (current awareness), citation consciousness, historiography and science mapping, Citation Classics,® and the history of contemporary science. Retrieval of information by cited reference searching is illustrated, especially as it applies to avoiding duplicated research. The fifteen-year cumulative impacts of journals and the percentage of uncitedness, the emergence of scientometrics, old boy networks, and citation frequency distributions are discussed. The paper concludes with observations about the future of citation indexing"

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