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Spink, A., Jansen, B. J., Ozmultu, C. (2000). "Use of query reformulation and relevance feedback by Web users." [Artículo]. Internet Research: Electronic Networking Applications and Policy, 2000, 10(4):317-328.
URL: http://zaccaria.emerald-library.com/vl=34734/cl=40/nw=1/rpsv/cgi-bin/linker?ini=emerald&reqidx=/cw/mcb/10662243/v10n4/s5/p317      
Materias:  Estudio de usuarios 

"Examines the use of query reformulation, and particularly the use of relevance feedback by users of the Excite Web search engine. A total of 985 user search sessions from a data set of 18,113 user search sessions containing 51,473 queries were examined. Includes a qualitative and quantitative analysis of 191 user sessions including more than one query, to examine patterns of user query reformulation; and second, all 804 user sessions including relevance feedback were examined. Results show limited use of query reformulation and relevance feedback by Excite users - only one in five users reformulated queries. Most relevance feedback sessions were successful. Identifies the most common pattern of searching and discusses implications for Web search system design."

   Choo, Chun Wei, Detlor, Brian, Turnbull, Don. (2000). "Working The Web: An Empirical Model of Web Use." [Comunicación]. HICSS (Hawaii International Conference on Systems Science, Enero2000, ():.
URL: http://www.ischool.utexas.edu/~donturn/papers/hicss2000/hicss2000.html      
Materias:  Estudio de usuarios 

"This paper investigates how knowledge workers utilize the Web to seek external information as part of their daily work. Thirty four participants from seven companies were interviewed about their information needs and preferences. In addition, a custom-developed software application recorded each participant’s Web behavior for a two week monitoring period. To understand better the significant episodes of activity identified in the Web tracking logs, a second round of personal interviews was conducted. The study found that people who use the Web as part of their work engage in four complementary modes of undirected viewing, conditioned viewing, informal search, and formal search. Moreover, each mode is characterized by information seeking moves based on recurrent sequences of browser functions and features. Based on these findings, a model of Web use is presented, as well as some suggestions for supporting and enhancing Web information seeking in organizations."

Spink, A., Bateman, J., Jansen, B. J. (1999). "Searching the web: A survey of Excite users." [Artículo]. Internet Research: Electronic Networking Applications and Policy, 1999, 9(2):117-128.
Materias:  Estudio de usuarios 

"Web search services are now a major source of information for a growing number of people. We need to know more about how users search Web search engines to improve the effectiveness of their information retrieval. This papaer reports results from a major study exploring users information searching behavior on the Excite Web search engine. The study is the first to investigate Web users successive searching behavior as they conduct related searches over time on the same or evolving topic."

Chartron, Ghislaine & Aymonin, David. (1999). "Revues scientifiques et Internet." [Artículo]. URFIST (Unité Régionale de Formation à l'Information Scientifique et Technique), Marzo1999, ():.
URL: http://www.urfist.jussieu.fr/urfist/revues.htm      
Materias:  Estudio de usuarios 

"Différents types de communication scientifique sur Internet: les revues les lettres d'informations, les bulletins d'informations les pré-publications les rapports de laboratoires"

Fidel, Raya; Davies, Rachel K; Douglass, Mary H.; Holder, Jenny K; Hopkins, Carla J.; Kushner, Elisabeth J.; Miyagishima, Bryan K. & Toney, Christina D. (1999). "A Visit to the Information Mall: Web Searching Behavior of High School Students." [Artículo]. JASIS (Journal of the American Society for Information Science), 1999, 50(1):24-37.
URL: http://www.ischool.washington.edu/fidelr/RayaPubs/VisittotheInformationMall.pdf      
Materias:  Estudio de usuarios 

"This article analyzes Web searching behaviour for homework assignments of high school students through field observations in class and at the terminal with students thinking aloud, and through interviews with various participants, including the teacher and librarian. Students performed focused searching and progressed through a search swiftly and flexibly."

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